For Technology & Blog Freaks: techblogs & the little secret to more blogs!

January 13, 2006

Are you a technology freak? Do you have cnet or as your homepage?

Technology Web sites are a bit of old fashioned as now the technology specialized weblogs take over. Weblogs can help you to become an industry insider whether you are interested to know the latest in mobile phone technologies, the best digital cameras for your budget and requirements and the big news about anti-spam software.

Aside from getting the latest breaking news, specialized weblogs will provide you with information on tech trends you can’t pick up elsewhere (not even on web sites) and well-articulated arguments about all things tech. These sites all share limitless curiosity and passion for covering all that is next to make it big.

These are a few of our favorite technology weblogs; more are to follow whenever we discover them!

Don’t forget to share your favorite too!

Check those technology blogs!

Gizmodo Blog:

The Guardian Blog:

TechWack Blog:

Engadget Blog:

Forever Geek Blog:

Elliot Back Technology Blog:

Armwood Technology Blog:

Want even more technology blogs? Are you ready to be overwhelmed with a big number of blogs in any topic you are interested in? Here is my secret

Impossible, we just love it at EEOCC. This is our door to more and more blogs!


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