7 Ways To Simplify Your Life & Have More Fun

January 15, 2006

Find Work that You Love. Nothing complicates your life more than forcing yourself to go to work every morning when your heart tells you you should be doing something else. Find work that is fun and uses your natural gifts.

Wise people spend their days on pursuits that engage the fullness of their natural strengths. In doing so, they always meet with success.

Go on a ‘News Fast’. One of the universal laws of the mind says that “as you sow, so shall you reap.” What goes into the mind determines what comes out.

Break your addiction to the news. The killings, the violence and the calamity do nothing to add to your inner peace. To simplify your life, spend the next 7 days away from the news. Read great literature or listen to soothing music instead.

Learn to Say No. The person who tries to do everything ultimately achieves nothing. What separates the peak performers from weak performers is that the first group says “no” to anything that is not important while the second group says “yes” to everything.

Have the inner courage to say “no” to all those things you really don’t want to do. As if by magic, you will begin to have time for the activities you truly value.

Connect with Nature. Nature has healing properties. It reminds us of what life is really about and connects us to the simple gifts that we all too often overlook.

If you are feeling the stresses and strains of modern life, just imagine what a daily walk through the woods or a weekly hour spent watching the sun set would do for you. Even growing a simple garden in your backyard will bring a wealth of benefits.

Laugh Daily. Daily laughter will renew your perspective and rekindle the childlike enthusiasm that you may have lost.
Most of us are too busy to laugh and too serious to smile.
We have become caught up in our own sense of importance. We have forgotten to nourish the child within all of us, just waiting to get out and have some fun.

Never forget that children come to us more highly evolved than adults to teach us the lessons we need to learn. Study children. Learn from their natural wisdom. They will remind you that if you haven’t laughed today, you haven’t lived today.

Sell Your TV. Do you have anything to show for all the time you have given to the box sitting in your living room. When you deeply reflect on all the hours, days, weeks and months you have given to your television, has it done anything to raise the quality of your life?

While there are some excellent programs on tv, don’t be a slave to it. Don’t lose the best years of your life spending every evening on the couch.

Be Silent. Silence is golden. In this crazy age we live in, the average person doesn’t spend even an hour a month in silence. Yet silence renews us, it relaxes us and it allows us to reflect on how we are living and make necessary corrections before it is too late.

Get in the habit of taking daily ‘silence breaks.’ At the office, shut your door for ten minutes, close your eyes and simply be still. It will be hard at first but after a few days, you will find yourself feeling calmer and happier than you have felt in a long time.

Eat Less. Benjamin Franklin once said “to lengthen thy life, lessen thy meals.” Yet, in this age of over consumption, we seem to have forgotten this simple piece of advice. Eating less will allow you to become healthier, more energetic and live longer.

It is also one of the best ways to build self-discipline because you are not giving in to the weaker impulses telling you to eat more. Instead, you are flexing your willpower and doing what you promised yourself you would do.

About the Author:

Robin S. Sharma, LL.M. is an internationally-known speaker on sales leadership, peak performance and creativity. The bestselling author of 3 motivational books including MegaLiving, he is the managing partner of Sharma Leadership International. He can be reached at 1-888-774-2762 or at http://www.robinsharma.com


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