I want you to meet this guy! Read his story and get inspired now!

January 15, 2006

Every time I read about these success stories online, I get jealous, because none of those people is Arab or Egyptian. It seems like the ordinary people in the Western world have mastered the art of online business to a shocking extend. So, I decided that every now and then I will shock you too with a success story of a very normal man or woman

(Like you and me) to inspire you and motivate you to become the first Egyptian to do …… (Whatever it is make sure you are passionate about it!)

This week I want to share Eric’s story with you.

Read and tell me what you think!

Eric Weeks of www.Truck-Bed-Covers.com never owned a truck, but when he saw how many people search the Internet for “truck accessories” every day, he decided to launch a web site catering to truck owners!

Now, after only two years, he’s the number-one distributor for his product — out of nearly 3,500 distributors worldwide — and he makes over $800,000 in online sales… $200,000 of which is PURE PROFIT!

Check out his website. Can’t you do a website and market here in Egypt and sell whatever xyz product you are having? Maybe you are a great jewelry maker, why don’t you tell all Egyptian women that you are a great jewelry maker? Maybe you have talent in writing marketing material for small business owners, maybe you can paint but never thought of selling your paintings online for Egyptian art lovers, maybe you can give the best pedicure and manicure, so why not let others order your service through a website or a newsletter? The ideas are endless and the inspiration is there. And its not all about the money these people make, its about the personal success, the feeling of achievement, the feeling of freedom of the chains of the ordinary 9 to 5 job.

Its about time, we the new generation of Egypt, think differently about our careers and decide to make a change and to do what we love and get money for it!

I get inspired every now and then – Just like me!- by checking the Secrets to Their Success, IMC’s monthly in-depth look at “regular” people who are making it BIG on the Internet.

But even if you HAVEN’T met Eric before, I’ll bet that just reading this brief summary of his story was enough to make you feel more determined than EVER to grow your OWN online business!

That’s the beauty of Secrets To Their Success. The interviews are of real people making REAL money on the web — and they have the power to inspire and motivate.

So if you are a future entrepreneur eager to succeed, I’m so certain that Secrets To Their Success can turn you into enthusiastic business person, so subscribe right now, its FREE!

Yes, that’s what I said: FREE!  Just click here




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