Motivate yourself, when no one is there to motivate you!

January 15, 2006

What makes one two colleagues, who attended the same school, have the same degree and enjoy similar skills and qualities, makes it to the millionaire club while the other is still complaining about the job that sucks since about 10 years?

What makes a woman energetic, helping her kids and husband, taking care of herself, her career and her house, while another one is sitting bored in front of the TV wondering if this is the end?

What makes people succeed and reach their dreams, when seemingly the circumstances are very unhelpful, while others who seem to have it all, who have the money, the looks, the degrees, the rich families, get depressed and waste their lives in wondering?

We all face the same challenges, not all at once, but some of them at a certain point of our lives. We all have been depressed, disappointed by some friends or loved ones, frustrated because of financial problems or dumped by some one we love. No need to self victimize ourselves here! But what makes some of us make it, while the others don’t? How do some of us manage to get over all these difficult times and bounce back to life? I believe that the key word here is MOTIVATION.

We all have motivational quotes somewhere on our refrigerator, on our screensaver or on the pin wall in our office, but for some these are just …well just a quote.

People who manage to keep themselves motivated are the ones who can recharge their energies, when the batteries are low or empty. They are the people who remember, that bad times don’t last forever and that there must be an end to every difficult time.

Motivation is the reason why we want to go on. If we have no reason to hold on, to survive and to fight for our dreams, then giving up would seem like the only natural choice.

Another problem is that some people rely completely on others to motivate them: a cheerful friend, a supporting husband or a mentor of some kind. But what if there is no one there to motivate you? What if you must stick to your own self? What if no one believes in your ‘childish’ dreams? What if they call you a dreamer? Would you just give up?

If you want to get where you want to, then you need to motivate yourself, even when no one is there to motivate you.

This is how I motivate myself on ‘down – times’:

–         I watch a stupidly funny movie (if I can laugh, then I will survive)

–         I read one of my motivational books ( like Wayne Dyers books for example)

–         I go to my email and check my mentors and read my e-courses

–         I pray

–         I cry

–         I dance

–         I call a friend who is in need

–         I look at the pin up wall where I post any picture or emails of people who love me and who I love

There are so many ways to keep yourself motivated, just remember you need to do it for yourself!


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