Outsourcing… What is it? How can it help you?

January 15, 2006

According to Wikipedia, the great online encyclopedia, outsourcing (or contracting out) is often defined as the delegation of non-core operations or jobs from internal production within a business to an external entity (such as a subcontractor) that specializes in that operation.

In today’s business reality, outsourcing has become an important business component for companies and/organizations, who have decided to focus on building its core institutional capabilities and working on its unique aptitude instead of wasting its employee’s time in doing the ’small work’, which is definitely needed to reach its complete competency, but which is also very costly where time and money are concerned.

In fact the United States, Canada and the UK are now outsourcing complete departments from countries like China and India, where the labor salaries are much lower and the expertise are the higher. Through the modern wireless online reality, outsourcing makes companies able to connect with the best suppliers for a certain job, qualification or even product.

The United States is currently a living example for outsourcing or its subset term (off-shoring), as we watch the immensely growing trend of transferring jobs to another country ( mainly India and China in the case of the States), either by hiring local subcontractors or building a facility in an area where labor is cheap.

Outsourcing services, consultants and even complete departments started to become popular in the early nineties, but the future of employment is expected to be dramatically changed by this fact: Business owners, managers and even economical giants are turning more and more to outsourcing their administrative, technical and financial needs.

The increasing number of freelance or part-time consultants with outsourcing experience is growing quickly, allowing companies who do not have the size or resources to devote full time employees for outsourcing companies the opportunity to get into the game.  This is good news not only for anybody, who decides to work on a part-time basis or to quit the office life, but also for the business owners and the management of the engaged companies; as the number of off-shoring consultants grow, competition increases and both the services they offer and costs they charge improve. 

Read this article to see how far outsourcing can go ( for people who have been applying this principle  in their work and life for some time now) http://www.smartmoney.com/esquire/index.cfm?Story=20050909-outsource&pgnum=1 This is about outsourcing, although its not the type of professional outsourced services we are talking about, but it’s a fun read that shows that outsourcing is definitely the next big thing happing in the world of business employment.

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