Are there any Egyptian Coaches?

January 21, 2006

A fried who just checked the website for the first time asked me why all the coaches and experts and articles are for foreign ( mostly American & European) coaches? 

Well, simply ( I hate to say it) because I have no access to the material of Egyptian trainers and coaches. The international coaches all have websites, free newsletters, which you can easily join and get the latest delivered to your mailbox and free products and eBooks which I can try for free before I decide to spend money or not. 

Unfortunately I do not know except of maybe one or two Egyptian coaches and I don’t know if they have a website or not. 

Anyway, this is a forum, it is supposed to help everybody become a better person, it is completely dedicated to Egyptian youth, everything we mention, every article we publish is legal and has a reprint permission, but we do not get any money from you. Yes, we might put an ad now and then, but this is simply to support the website and keep its content completely free. 

My point is, this site is new, but if we spread the word about it and everyone started to post comments, to share their useful links, discuss ideas in our forum, we will have a really comprehensive coaching site, all made by Egyptians and for them. 

If you know an Egyptian trainer, coach, speaker or mentor, please forward his/her contacts, please tell them to share their knowledge with us and to give us some material to publish. 

 EEOCC is a portal for you, so help build it! 

Have a great life! 

 EEOCC Team 



One Response to “Are there any Egyptian Coaches?”

  1. What a great idea! To bring Egyptian coaches together. I’m in.

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