A Young Egyptian Coach: Check his Website

January 22, 2006

We might agree or disagree about the concept of coaching, does it really make a difference? Do you need to pay for a professional coach in order to get help? Should you better talk to an experienced old friend or family member? No matter how we see the whole “coaching” thing, I believe that the ideas of some coaches, the advice they give, the self improvement methods they suggest and other tips and articles from coaches around the world are very important.

I have been surfing the net lately (as I always do in search for more success resources), I came across a young Egyptian coach, who has not only established himself a website, but also compiled a mini e-course called “From making a living to making a difference”. I was happy to see this young man share his ideas and see his courage to get over some of the not-so-open minded reactions of many Egyptians towards coaching and self-help.

Again we might agree or disagree about the value of the content in any coaching material, but the trial, the idea is worth encouragement, so check out the website of this Egyptian coach and lets keep sharing our resources: http://www.tohami.com

Don’t forget to spread the word and to share your ideas and resources, post an article, share your comments and say your opinion!

Have a successful day!


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