Are you getting enough RSS?

January 22, 2006

Many ask where we get the links and articles we post, how we stay up to date with the newest blogs and cools stuff we share, RSS is the answer.

What is RSS feeds?

Here is a post provided by my friend Rania Maghrabi after I asked her to get to know what is RSS for the first time:

RSS was released by Netscape in 1997. Since then, Netscape dropped RSS and it bobbled around between obscure software companies before recently emerging as a force among early adopters.
RSS (it stands for “really simple syndication”) typically comes in the form of a feed. These feeds are usually organized and read in an RSS feed reader (many of which can be downloaded for free). Feed readers include NewsGator and FeedDemon, among others; Apple has an integrated RSS reader in its latest operating system, and Microsoft is reputed to be building RSS into Vista, its next generation of Windows. After downloading a reader and subscribing to an RSS feed, users are on their way — no additional software or technical expertise is required.
An RSS Feed consists of the latest headlines and short teasers from websites of all shapes and sizes; from an obscure candy blog to online publishing institutions like the New York Times and others like iMedia Connection. By subscribing to a multitude of such feeds and organizing them in a tidy index, you can save yourself an individual trip to dozens of websites to see what’s new. Of course, if there happens to be a juicy headline and teaser, you can click through to the complete story.
At its essence, RSS is a way for people to absorb a lot of information in a short amount of time.  With online content options proliferating rapidly, it’s no surprise that RSS is a fast growing and successful tool. 

For more information check out Wikipedia’s definition of RSS:

Personally, I prefer FeedDemon more than web based RSS readers like Blogline or other Outlook integrated feed readers like Atensa. FeedDemon ( not a paid ad here truly!) is simply the greatest with a user-friendly, basic, but complete interface, easy auto-discovery options for URLs for the websites you visit, plus easy access and sorting options. I have already purchased it after my trial version ended.
If you are not subscribed yet to your favorite blogs or web site’s RSS, then you need to go and check all this thing about RSS now! We need to stay up to date to compete in our business, job or even hobby, so get RSSed now!
Later we will be talking about the other sides of RSS!

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