The Egyptian Entrepreneur Online Coaching Center EEOCC was established to help millions of Egypt’s new generation, who are fed up with ‘the old way’ to have a job’ and who are aspiring to start their own business, a new project or to simply become better, more successful persons.

This is an online forum to exchange advice, support, tips and internet resources that will help us build our future the way we want it. You will find articles, links to other web sites or blog, advice about how to start and grow up your own business and much more.

EEOCC was initiated by MANUSCRIPT  as a step toward creating an awareness of the different ways to make money and to lead a balanced life. A 9 to 5 job, a full-on working schedule and doing something you hate for living are not a must anymore. We can change that we and we want to help you find out how.

EEOCC is a non-profit website.  We will never ask for money, but we do ask you to spread the word about us, to share your own experience, to forward us any useful links and to tell us how we can make this online experience better.

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2 Responses to “About”

  1. Amr Says:

    Assalam Alaykom,
    I am ZAD group board member and yahoo group moderator. I noticed an email sent at ny group and I liked it so I came here.
    I fouind out that you here announcing for our brothers Zedny, so can we post something about ZAd on your website?
    Gazakom Allah Khayran,


  2. while i am surfing the internet searching for Enterpreneur every day from egypt suddenly , a big surprise i found your blog till this moment i did not navigate it very will but the idea is WAHM Enshallah
    so iam interesting to do SEO services with you
    Teach on seminars
    online marketting , targetted traffics , SEO Search Engines Optimization Science

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