Sounds easy..and with the right model, it is. But it is a fair amount of work and requires a number of hours and an investment. Your business will have the characteristics of multiple income streams that produce different results and provide a combination of immediate and residual income.

This model will also allow you flexibility to adapt to your interests which is quite important. Our first objective is to find a tool that will provide fairly immediate cash flow, as this is a major item to allow one to go on and not quit. Fortunately, the business to do this is well established: eBay. eBay has the very distinctive characteristic of being able to produce a positive cash flow within 5-10 days once properly started.

This is the first and basic step of your home based business. That’s the good news. The bad news is that for most eBay businesses, when you stop working the business, the business stops paying you. There’s little to no residual income. Your first step is then to learn how to start and master the eBay business model, and this is a course in itself. There are many on line and offline training resources. We personally happen to like and have used the one by the good folks at the Internet Marketing Center and which can be found at We would like to issue one word of caution to anyone considering looking into eBay training. At various times throughout the year, in about any given full sized city in the US, SOME promoter is offering a ?free seminar? on ?How To Make Money on eBay?. These are often held in hotel meeting or ball rooms, and often entice attendance with the promise of some freebie. When the atendee gets there, they are heavily encouraged to sign up for the ?full and professional? course for ?4 figures? or more. Guarantees are often made, etc. WARNING: Do NOT ever bite on this. While one does need some training to fully operate an eBay business to learn things like future and on going supply, you can obtain that information for far less cost and without the risk. If you are tempted to sign up for one of the 4 figure advanced seminars, get Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce references first!

Moving on to the article content. Once you have a positive income, then it could be time to market products by others, generally in the form of an affiliate program. You should NEVER pay for membership in an affiliate program and NEVER join one that requires a monthly purchase of some product (often nutritional supplements or skin care) to qualify to resell. But even if your sign up is free, success is very elusive and often expensive to get to as you need web sites, mailing lists, advertising, and other costs.

Even PPC advertising often carries more expense than income. BUT if one can weather the time and expense to get a good affiliate program going, it is a good business. Hundreds of people are making money in affiliate programs, but thousands are not. Learn what you are doing and how to operate such a business.

The ideal business is not where you are selling someone else?s product or service, but are selling your own, and possibly you have others selling it for you in your own affiliate program. But this is certainly not the place to start, because it carries even more risk and upside expense than selling someone else?s product/service.

The big advantage is that all the profit is yours! This is the goal for many people. The best way to get there however is via the first two steps. Let your business pay for itself as you grow and learn. This is the ideal model, and if you follow this model or pattern, you?ll prosper in both satisfaction and finances.

About the Author: Joe Leech is a successful online marketer and ebook author and publisher. Over time he learned a system that works regardless of ones interests, and he shares that secret in his new ebook. A description is available at


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