What is a coach?

According to Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, a coach is a person who teaches and directs another person via encouragement and advice.

 A coach is a partner, a friend, a personal trainer, a motivator and a teacher, who guides you towards becoming better in a certain area of your life or your career.

Today we can differentiate between different types of coaching: business coaching for business owners to help them start up, grow and improve their business experience. There is also individual coaching, which helps anybody to improve his/her skills, explore his/her special talents and reach his/her best potential to succeed and excel. There is also organizational coaching, which is meant for companies, established business and different types of organizations.

Coaching is rapidly growing in it’s applications. There are many different understandings and views about what coaching is, how it works, and what can be accomplished through the process of coaching. The coaching type we are focusing on in this web site is mainly small business and entrepreneur coaching and personal coaching.

 Coaching is still a relatively new concept in Egypt, as many still do not think that they should pay to get help from a coach. We spend thousands of pounds on management courses, self help books (which are very pricy in Egypt) and self-improvement seminars, but we ignore lots of sources for information ( a lot of them are free), which are easily available on the internet.

People looking for coaching opportunities are not unsuccessful or inadequate, but they are striving to be more successful, to obtain higher levels of success and to realize they personal and career dreams. Do not think that you must have a certain problem to be coached, but rather look at it as a way of making a great improvement in the quality of your personality, life and work.

EEOCC will introduce you to different coaches and help you understand what type of coaching you need. We will also show you how to become a coach yourself and help others become their very best! So read on!


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