Are you a leader among your friends? Do you believe you have positive power and skills that you can teach to others? Do you know that you can help friends and team members to produce better results in their lives and careers?

I’m sending this to you because I realized you might be interested in coaching. I have had many online coaching sessions and have read many coaching books and participated in different coaching courses, mainly because I wanted to understand what these people, the coaches, are all about. I have a wrong idea that to be a coach you have to be in complete control of all aspects of your life. You have to solve all your personal problems before you even think of helping others to solve their own difficulties, but I was WRONG.

Today, I’m posting this because I thought you should know David Wood. If you’ve heard of him then you’ll know he’s one of the leading mentor coaches around. If you haven’t heard of him, then I’ll just say he’s mentored almost 100 coaches and founded a global training school.

I have been benefiting from the advice and lessons I have learned from David for some time and I have even purchased one of his products. David has lately released a fantastic new product for people wanting to build a successful life coaching or business coaching practice.

David went and interviewed ten life, business and executive coaches who are making $30,000 to
$1.4 million a year — while doing a lot of good in the world. They’re top global coaches, who are
now spilling the beans on exactly how they built a thriving practice.

He’s packed all the information into a great new e-book, covering personal coaching, business coaching, and corporate coaching. He’s even interviewed Ernest F. Oriente – the million dollar coach!

After reading the e-book, I was surprised to find out that these guys aren’t super human after all – and this kind of career is actually possible. It’s just about modeling the proven techniques of people who have been there and done it.

I think this is a great product, selling way below its value, and I highly recommend you check it here!


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