by: Cathy Warschaw

We all experience pride in ourselves when we earn a good grade on an exam or reach a personal goal.  In fact, the ability to take pleasure in our achievements is a big reason why we continue to pursue our dreams and take risks.  This pride and pleasure we experience is called self-esteem and it is very important to reaching our career goals.

The definition of self-esteem is basically when you have confidence and satisfaction in your own skills and abilities, and it is usually achieved through experiences of personal success.  Self-esteem helps you to cope with difficult challenges when they arise and gives you the faith to overcome them. 

Self-esteem is critical to your career success.  You need lots of it at all stages of your career – whether it’s for a job search, as a new employee, working with others, or dealing with stress and deadlines.  If you’re like most people, you may wonder if you’ve got enough self-esteem to reach your career goals.  Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to build and strengthen your self-worth.

To begin with, create a plan where you can get daily exercise and eat a balanced diet of healthy foods.  Maintaining care and respect for your body also has benefits for your mind and promotes healthy thoughts about your self-worth.

Remember to engage in activities that are fun and meaningful to you.  Participate regularly in a hobby that you enjoy or perhaps volunteer at an animal shelter if you’re fond of furry creatures.  Nurturing your interests is a great way to remind yourself of what’s important to you.

Reward yourself for your achievements by celebrating with friends, getting a massage, or offering a kind word of praise to yourself.  Every time you recognize a success, you are building a stronger trust and support system within yourself.

Create a list of successes that you can refer to in times of self-doubt.  This is a wonderful way to stay in touch with your inner strength and reinforce your ability to overcome obstacles.

Lastly, forgive yourself when things don’t quite turn out like you expected; being critical of your efforts only serves to chip away at self-esteem.  Release any feelings of guilt or shame to make room for poise and confidence.

Using these steps to build and strengthen your self-esteem takes practice and dedication, but the results are well worth your efforts.  Your self-esteem is your most valuable asset in reaching your goal of a rewarding career in the dental field – so fixodent and forget it!

This article is written by Cathy Warschaw, Director and Online facilitator of the Warschaw Learning Institute the leading online dental office training among today’s dental professionals, adults changing careers and high school seniors. Providing a multicultural dental office management program in Spanish, Farsi, Korean, Chinese and Russian.

Copyright 2005 by Warschaw Learning Institute
You may copy and use this article as long as you print the complete article including the contact details. Thank you
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