If you are interested in life coaching. I wanted to let you know about a really important manual to get you started on your coaching practice. It can help you get to know what you want to do as a professional coach and much more.

It’s by leading life coach David Wood – I’ve recently started getting his newsletters, and already I’ve learned a lot from him.

This Manual is called:

‘The CoachStart™ Manual – A Step by Step Guide to Building Your Coaching Practice’

Here are some of the key points that I think make it really worthwhile. It covers:

-the fastest way to get your business up and running -how to be more confident as a coach

-whether or not you need to be certified

-building a niche

-a detailed outline of a trial session

-how to set fees and get testimonials

-writing a bio

-getting clients from the internet, speaking and through alliances

…and a lot more.

There are hands on exercises, worksheets and tons of information on
how to actually get clients.

This Manual is a great help for beginning coaches and even coaches who have been coaching awhile but don’t have as many clients as they want. And I liked it so much
I became an affiliate to help spread the word. I hope you get it, read it, and pass the word!

If you’re looking to expand your coaching business, and fast – you can download it here:

Oh – and it comes with a full money back guarantee if you don’t absolutely love it!


P.S. At the moment you can also get a bonus audio recording of it, and FIVE HOURS of his CoachStart Teleclass archive!


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