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One Response to “EEOCC Forum”

  1. Nashwa Mohamed Adel Says:

    assalam 3alikom w ra7mat allah,

    I’m a Cairo University Student in the Faculty of Commerce -English Section, throughtout my academic years i came out to realize that what i really wanted after graduation is having my own business so i started developing my entrepreneurial skills and reading everything about small businesses yet i lacked the real life interaction so i decided to apply for a training with the objective of observing the GM closely
    Of course i was dreaming 😀 we are still in EGYPT
    I wasnt lucky at all
    so i thought why there isnt any simulation or convention about entrepreneurship

    and here’s when the idea came
    Why dont i start one in my college 😀
    I lack professional instructors ,advisors…
    So i was hoping for ur support on this
    Jazakom allah khayran

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