February 9, 2006

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Too much of a good thing?

February 7, 2006

When I first got introduced to the whole blogs, pod-casts, RSS and feed reader world a few months ago, I felt like the most ignorant person, even though I have been using internet ever since… well ever since it became part of our daily life!

Remember the days when Yahoo and Hotmail where the only two options to have for your email domain if you were not linked to a POP server? Remember when the free internet dial up services where like a magic, because suddenly we did not have to subscribe with an ISP and pay for a dial-up user name and password? Do remember the feeling of enlightenment and freshness it felt like? Wow! Technology is great, we said then!

Now this was not so long ago, but today I could not live with my wireless connection at home

(Because we our family members were fighting over who will use the DSL cable!) and life without my feed reader (currently I’m an addict to both FeedDemon and the free open source alternative BlogBridge) and I can’t keep count of all the new blogs I have and all the feeds I need to read.

Suddenly RSS and XLM are not strange letters on every web-site, because not only do I know what they mean, but they have become part of my daily life. Like the daily email check, I have to dedicate time for my blogs check, Web2.0 check (by the way do you know what is Web 2.0) and the latest on the open source culture check.

Today, I hardly use Google or Yahoo for search, because there is copernic Agent and Wink. I don’t pay thousands to get a website with Flash intro, because I can customize a blog for a fraction of the price. I don’t recall the last time I used MS Explorer because now I use Opera, Flock and Avant ( great browsers!)…. You get my point here?

No, no this is not a show off, but a simple moment and self and live discovery! I love the new generation of web tools, the open source companies, the free and available sources for knowledge and self-learning, the sharing of experience and ideas and the innovative approach to life on the blogs and I love , really love the fact that life is no longer Microsoftized!

My only problem these days is that no matter how long I stay in front of my laptop, I can never read all the feeds, discover all the blogs ( remember every blog leads to 50 other links!!) and I can sure never ever read all the useful newsletters I get in my inbox.

The new technologies are great. The information input is extraordinary and it is really affecting our lives deeply, but can too much of a good thing get too bad? 

Another Egyptian success story that shows that you can reach your dreams and make things happen if you really believe in it!

Dalia is another young Egyptian woman. Like many Egyptian young people she has a dream, the dream of so many of us, to have her own business.

But Dalia did not dream for long, she did actually do something to make her dream come true. Dalia has established her own online business. Not only is it her dream of owning a business come true, but she is also helping other women to reach their dreams too.

Ladies Lounge is the latest addition to the new generation of Egyptian website done by Egyptians and for them.

As an Egyptian Entrepreneur you can advertise your small business, your freelance skills and you catering hobby. You can share with other women your favorite hairdresser and the best place to get guitar lessons!

Share the success of Ladies Lounge and get inspired to start your own business and to be on our success story list!

I must admit that I’m a sucker for anything new in the field of high tech!
I just can’t get enough of the latest blogs, RSS systems, podcasts and the sort.
TechCrunch is a dream come true for me by collecting the seriously new and great emerging internet stuff all at one place. I keep checking a few every single day!
Check them out too here: http://www.techcrunch.com/company-index/

Our sponsor MANUSCRIPT has posted a very inspiring post today in its blog:

One Step at A time, check it out at http://www.manuscript.wordpress.com in the MANUSPHERE page.

January 27, 2006

Brian Tracy

Zedny Team for human development
Presents the first course this winter
The Basic Human Development Course
Sat. 28 Jan. Planning Omar El-Shenety 3:30-5:00
Sun. 29 Jan. Time Management (1) Mohamed Omar 6:00-8:30
Wed. 1 Feb. Time Management (2) Mohamed Omar 6:00-8:30
Fri. 3 Feb. Self Learning Omar El-Shenety 1:00-2:30
Sun. 5 Feb. Communication Skills Basem Abd El-Ghany 6:00-8:30
Mon. 6 Feb. Mind Mapping Mohamed El-Daly 6:00-8:30
Wed. 8 Feb. Leadership Walid Galal 6:00-9:00
Location : Hall # 3 , Raba’aa mosque , nasr city
Price: 40 LE for the course
How to register: Go to Zedny’s place , in the 3rd floor of computer center in Raba’aa.
registeration is open until all places are taken
More info about us ?