I’ve been jobless for quite some time now! Am I worried about it? No way. I have decided to take my own destiny in my hands and join the many entrepreneurs in self employment. Not just self-employment, but home based business.

What is the difference between self employment and home based business? Just this – if you take a break and go skiing for a week and you make no money, you’re self employed and own your own job. If you make money while skiing, you have a business.

I like to make money while skiing, and you can see my family skiing on my website. But this article is about ups and downs. Yes, I have experienced them! I’m still on top of it, and making money – here’s why: multiple sources of income. The same way that mutual funds invest in a lot of businesses, you have a greater likelihood of making it through the ups and downs in home business if you have several streams of income.

The most common ones are network marketing, real estate, stocks and other investments, and franchises. I have experience in several streams and am happy to share my successes because I believe that as I give to others it comes back to me and we all win. Recently there was a slow period in networking and direct sales. I and several colleagues experienced a reduced volume of interested people. The ship did not sink because I have other streams of income.

I also do real estate investing and highly recommend it for those that like to see actual physical fruits of their labor. I also have gotten on board the latest vehicle of paid surfing. Paid surfing allows you to make double digit returns on your money by just surfing a few pages for 10-30 minutes a day. Believe it or not, you don’t even have to be there or buy anything! You make money by just having your computer show several marketing pages for a few minutes.

This is way cool! Many of these programs have strict guidelines and you have to be careful to follow them, but if you check out my other article “Get Paid to Surf – The Next Big Thing”, I explain how they work. Anyone who is serious about making a go of home based business should check out this stream of income. There is a lot more information in my home page listed below. Now I’m off to ski!

About The Author: Ron LeBlanc, PE spent 20+ years in science and engineering when woke up to his true potential and began working from home. He lives in Boulder, CO and works out of his home. He enjoys helping other people learn to do home based businesses. Get his tip-filled newsletter and some special offers at http://www.be-do-have.com


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